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Normandy Front view

  • Locations Found - Tranquility, Last Ditch (after you capture gilgamesh station), Cloud Nine (Telford Mining Operation) Johannesburg Shipyard, Phyric victory (morrel industries)
  • Ship Sort - Normandy
  • Ship Class - Dreadnought
  • Faction - Gemini League
  • Cargo - 430
  • Speed - 15
  • Maneuverability - 7
  • Acceleration - 0
  • Price - 730000
  • Troopers - 96
  • Maximum Weapons class - (Primary) - 7 x V (Secondary) - 5 x V
  • Maximum Sheild class - 4 x V
  • Modules - 11 x V ??? (to be Added / edited later)
  • special perk - Helix Squadron

Normandy Max weapons class


Normandy weapon arc



As you can see this ship has 12 hardpoints, In my opinion its the most powerful dreadnaught in the game, althought i dont know weather or not you can get the apocalypto yet.
Its special is Helix Squadron which are fighters with plasma guns

Not the greatest damage but still some extra dps.

Front Weapons : 2x Launchers (Torps,missles,shockwave) Class 5

Mid Large Arc Weapons : 2x Gunz (Plasma,Railgun,Beams) Class 5

Right Side weapons: 2x Gunz 1x launchers class 5

Left side weapons: 2x gunz 1x launcher class 5

Rear weapons: 1x gunz 1x launcher class 5

All Systems are class 5.

I recommend Mag Deflector V for your shields as they are the best i could find.

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